Consulting & Advisory Overview
At Bright Mega, we have experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned bankers dedicated to bring the best solutions to our clients. The main services we offer at Bright Mega include:

Going public through reverse takeover
We hold an inventory of shell companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange that are available to business owners who are looking to go public, but do not want to go through the complicated listing process.

Mergers and Acquisitions
We help business buyers and sellers to fully explore all the potential candidates around the globe only to find the most suitable partner for the merger. We work closely and tirelessly with our clients throughout the negotiation process to ensure a best solution for both sides.

We understand businesses sometimes need capital injections to initiate a sound growth plan, and we will ensure the most cost-effective way to raise funds for our clients, debt or equity.

Strategic Advisory
We offer a variety of strategic advisory services to our clients based on business needs, whether it be replacing board, entering new market, or initiate organization restructuring, the seasoned business professionals at Bright Mega will find the optimal solution.