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Bright Mega International Ltd was founded in 1996 is a dynamic team of Sales and Marketing professionals with a simple approach: Take an Idea & Make It Materialize via a talented design team, stellar sourcing skills, alliances with key manufacturers, and our experienced logistics and support team. Our head office and warehouses are located in Markham, Ontario.

Bright Mega has become a trusted supplier and sourcing company to many national and international retail chains. We have been able to meet the challenges of changing retail environments evolving into niche market categories where we have become a competitive force in the business world. We have established relationships with many international manufacturers and have the capacity to customize designs, handle private label & licensed programs as well as deliver direct import and domestic programs on time and in compliance with the complex logistical requirements of the largest retail chains.

We try to keep our philosophy simple – every day, we do our best to act in a way we believe is responsible to each other, our customers and our community. Throughout our growth, we have kept in mind our early beginnings. We believe in the individuality of our customers, and meeting their specific needs accordingly.

Market Coverage

• All Mass
• Department Stores
• Retail & Commercial Stationery
• Drug Store Chains
• Grocery Store Chains
• Wholesalers
• Warehouse Clubs &Superstores
• Mail Order Catalogue Operations

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